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TOP 5 CV Tips

j Sinead

d Jul 13, 2016

Have a Clear Layout

  • Choose a clear font (Times New Roman, Calibri)
  • Use headings and sub-heading to clearly mark the end of one section and beginning of another
  • Use line-spacing to keep the consistently of your overall CV
  • 5 spacing gives a good overall appearance
  • Bullet points help clearly present a lot of information

Make it Relevant

  • Tailor your CV for each different role you apply for
  • Make subtle changes between your skills and experience to highlight your relevance for any particular role
  • Match your skills and experience with the requirements asked

What is the Client Looking For?

  • Keep the client in mind when constructing your CV
  • Emphasise your key relevant skills and experience to match the role
  • Become familiar with the client’s industry and convey experience you could bring to the table

Keep it Concise

img 22

  • Keep your CV between 2-3 pages in length
  • Ensure all information is relevant to the role you are applying
  • Include the most relevant education and up-to-date experience
  • Exception – a CFO’s CV will require more information and tends to be longer than 2-3 pages.

Discard the Cover Letter

  • Cover letter tends to just summarise the CV that follows
  • Creates repetition which is never
  • If you want to keep a cover letter ensure it is brief and relevant
  • Include 2-3 main/unique selling points about yourself that will grab the reader’s attention and give a good first impression
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