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Interview Preparation

j Sinead

d Jul 14, 2016

Stress-Free Interviews

Interviewing can be a long, drawn-out process and the key to success is keeping it as stress-free as possible. You are, in essence, being assessed for a role so, as with any assessment, adequate preparation will ensure you go in with the least stress and the most confidence.

1. Sell your skills and experience

You are the product. Don’t be modest. Be confident in selling your worth through relevant expertise and experience. Don’t be come to confident as it can come across as arrogant. Match your expertise and knowledge with the requirements asked.

2. Don’t be afraid to open up the conversation

9 out of 10 times the interviewer will have a set routine of questions to ask and the flow of the interview. However, as they begin to ask questions about your relevance, don’t be afraid to open up the conversation. Tell your story of work experience, the various skills learned on the way. Often it is useful to prepare a short synopsis of each past job, outlining your main role/ position, the relevant skills used and relevant experience gained.

3. Know your CV

It is very important that you know your CV from top to bottom. Refresh your memory on each past job, education and skill set. This will allow you to have quick, accurate answers to interview questions. A candidate who doesn’t know the length of their past position does not portray a person who is eager to learn, engage and work as part of a dynamic team.

4. Do your research

Before attending an interview you should do as much research as possible. Find out who will be interviewing you and their position in the company. Find out exactly what the company itself do and the industry they do. Have a 2-3 main points of information ready about the company to show your interest in the role.

5. Reflect

After the interview write down the main points of interest to take note of that may be forgotten. This will help you if called for a second interview. Also jot down questions/areas you may have struggled on as this will be useful in preparation for future interviews. This should be a quick and simple answer. Don’t dwell too much on how the interview went


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