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We have formed a strong bond with our clients over the past 10 years, due mainly to our approach of understanding individual needs and matching candidates to the culture of the business. We operate a policy of quality over quantity when sending CVs.

We see each company as a tapestry, a unique set of threads – history, culture and people – that form the larger picture. How a candidate fits into a company effects the overall fabric of the business. Our aim is to help you get the right person, for the right job, for the right reasons.

Unlimited use of our two Dublin City Centre boardrooms for offsite interviews

Salary guidelines and knowledge of current market trends

Job spec preparation

Help with interview techniques

Daily-rate calculations for temporary staff

What can you expect from us?

• An efficient service with full communication
• An extensive network of candidates
• A competitive fee rate
• Insights, not just CVs
• An in-depth understanding of your business, industry and market