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For Candidates

Our service is entirely focused on the individual.  You don’t come to us for CV circulation – but for personal input from people who want you to realise your potential and flourish in a way that works for you. 

CV preparation and advice

Interview tips and tricks

Salary guidelines and advice

Knowledge of market trends

What can you expect from our Career Clinic?

• Unbiased advice and knowledge sharing
• Roles from Ireland’s top firms and companies
• Individualised salary analysis
• Personality profiling
• Confidential career advice
• Competency Interview Insights
• CV compilation advice.

What’s most important is finding the professional role – where your work matters; where the objectives and resources make sense; and where the rewards are tangible.

If we don’t find a role for you, we’ll even refer you to one of the other reputable agencies in town, to make sure you get the best role possible.